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My Objectives

Nasal and Sinus disease

In the 21st century, it is important that Medicine does not fall in to the commercial trap that is called “market forces.”  We aim to ensure in our own little way that this ideal is retained and this is our guiding principle.

We therefore offer first and foremost an experienced, safe and competent service to people with nasal and sinus problems. Equally we provide a fair, honest and very educative service. Firstly, this allows patients to help themselves better. Secondly, patients can make better informed choices about their ENT problems in general; and their nose and sinus conditions in particular. A significant proportion of nasal and sinus disease (Rhinology) is treatable without surgery.




This is even more relevant in relation to snoring complaints. The emphasis here should be on explaining what causes snoring, giving the options for the patient to explore. The management has suffered a deservedly poor press. Not all snoring is curable by simple (or indeed complex) techniques. There is however a select group who can benefit from appropriately tailored surgery, but only after proper investigation particularly to exclude associated conditions like sleep apnoea (intermittent “breath holding” during sleep.)


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